Hi, welcome to my newest campaign. I’m just going to be adding names and such for now, but feel free to post any character information you’ve created, assuming you feel comfortable sharing it.

UPDATE: Okay, I also added biographical details for some NPCs, and helped fill in some of the theology and metaphysics of the campaign world. Congrats to Joe for posting the first character, and for winning the award “Best Beard.”

UPDATE: Andrew posted his character as well, including his character sheet. He wins the “Captain Anorexia” award.

UPDATE: Transferred a lot of setting information I had written onto the wiki, including some newer stuff about the Heartlands.

UPDATE (JUNE): Wrote up sections on Guldas and Duranthia. And Valderon, the section on Nexus is almost done. Then, I’ll have to work on the West.

UPDATE (AUGUST): Finally posted update to Nexus that was done two months ago.

UPDATE (OCTOBER): Added some more NPCs.

I posted these GOT PC House Sigils for fun, and I’m adding a TOC so that we can hopefully access info a little easier than by tags. -Joe

UPDATE (JUNE): Posted a few more character profiles, including General Daerce and Princess Sparklepony. Updated a few more, nothing major.

Dark Lords of Praemor

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