The Steadfast Regency of Valderon

Although every other monarch and ruler of the Heartlands treats with the Regent of Valderon as an equal, the Regent himself, as well as all of the other people of Valderon, know that he is only a regent for the true king of Valderon, although it has been centuries since the Visitation. In the 374th year of the Third Age of Law, King Arathan of Valderon was visited by an angelic servant of the goddess Shriel. Proclaiming that he was needed, the angel worked a great miracle and took his living body to the Night Shepherd’s realm, promising the king and his subjects that their king would return.

Since this event, a regent was appointed, and has ruled Valderon in King Arathan’s name, and the people of Valderon remain steadfast that, one day, their king will return from the heavens. Foreigners are quick to express doubt about this bit of history, but the wise learn not to do so in hearing of the loyal people of Valderon.

Although the reign of King Arathan was a golden age for Valderon, the Regency has not been as blessed; Valderon has been plagued with plagues, famines, and most especially wars. In an effort to promote peace, trade, and cooperation between the nations of the Heartlands, Lord Regent Radnys, at the beginning of his rule, sponsored the creation of a new city, ideally situated at the center of preexisting trade routes. The Sovereignty of Coreilethon supported this idea, each agreeing to protect the young, burgeoning city from outside threats. Thus, the city of Nexus was born, and Valderon’s coffers have swelled from its share of the taxes.

The Regency of Valderon has also drawn criticism and controversy due to its decision to shelter the remaining Incanters within its borders, after their defeat by a Glorren crusade. Today, their legend and mysticism fading, the Incanters still deter serious aggression from Arindor by their mere presence, although the reclusive wizards have never lifted a finger to assist Valderon in any of its conflicts. Rumors persist, however, that the Incanters have seized power within Valderon, and that Lord Regent Radnys is little more than a puppet dancing at the end of their strings.

Notable Locations:
Twilight’s Crossroads

The Steadfast Regency of Valderon

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