The cold, northern island of Rimehelland would be forgotten by history, and most of the people of Aeheler, if not one singular event of the Second Cycle, the opening of the Hellmouth. Rimehelland is dominated by a large, active volcano, referred to by locals as the Hellmouth. At the heart of the volcano a portal to the realm of the Nine Hells opened, and a legion of devils poured forth into reality. Even worse, the volcano threatened to erupt and bury the entire island under tons of ash and lava. Only the desperate actions of a heroic adventurer named Calmas saved the world.

Today, despite its sinister reputation, Rimehelland is a peaceful land of farmers and fishermen, more than happy to trade with the continent but wanting none of its troubles. Most visitors are surprised to learn that Rimehelland has no real government or ruler, and that its people share and cooperate freely with each other in a communal cooperative. The interior of the island is closed to any visitors, however, and only the only part of Rimehelland that foreigners are allowed to visit is the port town of Blackwall.

This secrecy has led to many rumors about the real interior of Rimehelland, including claims that the devils secretly control the island, that its inhabitants worship devils and have made pacts with them for eldritch powers, and stranger tales. When confronted with any of these ideas, however, the residents of Rimehelland just laugh good-naturedly.

Notable Locations:
The Inverse Towers


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