Yirrisa Twiceborn

Fallen Queen Mother of Thartaenor


The Queen Mother of the Kingdom of Thartaenor, the still beautiful elven Yirrisa Twiceborn was one of the most respected and loved members of the royal family, granted her title even though she is King Lynaeus’s great grandmother, instead of his mother. Since she married King Bertraem one hundred and fifty three years before, Yirrisa has done her best to advise and protect her descendants and her adopted subjects.

She was born across the mountains in the Sovereignty of Coreithelon, the daughter of the Speaker’s Master of Arms. Yirrisa died during her own birth, and her grieving father sent for the Sovereignty’s greatest healer. The Herald, upon praying to her goddess, was surprised to learn that it was indeed Ava’s will that the infant live, and her miracle restored the infant to life.

But something happened during Yirrisa’s resurrection, and part of her soul entered her father’s pair of swords. During her childhood, Yirrisa could astound onlookers by controlling these swords with her mind, making them float through the air and cut at targets dozens of feet away. Trained by her father, Yirrisa became a skilled warrior, and set out on her own to make her fortune in the Sovereignty as a wandering mercenary.

Yirrisa quickly made a name for herself as both a skilled combatant and a fierce defender of life and justice, ending many threats to her people. It was expected by the elite of Coreithelon and her own father that he would succeed him as the Master of Arms, but Yirrisa chose her own path. During a state dinner with the crown prince of Thartaenor, Bertraem, the two met and quickly fell in love. At the end of his diplomatic visit, he proposed to her.

There was nothing scandalous about the romance of the crown prince with Yirrisa. After all, she was a beautiful and brave elf; why shouldn’t a visiting nobleman fall in love? What was unforgivable to the elves of Coreilethon, was her acceptance of the proposal. It was as if Yirrisa betrayed her own people to some human, and her father warned her that she was unwelcome in the land of her birth.

They say that Yirrisa followed her heart and never looked back, taking to Thartaenor as her new home. She was never one to let others face danger while she was safe, and when necessary she took to the field in her husband’s armies. As time passed and her children began their rule, she settled into an advisory position, and her role as Queen Mother became more important than any ability to control her soul swords.

But although no one forgot her unique ability to control her ancestral blades with nothing more than her mind, nearly everyone forgot just how far her prowess with them extended. Not even Ossiraekes, the Undying King. When he led his forces through the gates of Thartaen’s Triumph, warded in dozens of potent abjurations, he felt secure that no mere blade could touch him.

Yirrisa proved him wrong. As Ossiraekes stood at the head of his army, before the gates of Yirrisa’s own palace, she challenged him as dozens of the king’s guard stormed out, intending to buy their liege time to escape from the doomed city. They fought, Yirrisa proving resistant to Ossiraekes’s dark sorcery, nearly killing him before she finally expired, her soul swords shattering into dozens of pieces. The aftermath of the great battle destroyed nearly two blocks of Thartaen’s Triumph, and all witnessing the aftermath of the battle said that the battle was a very near thing, that it could easily have gone Yirrisa’s way.

Even after her death, Yirrisa lives on; she’s used as a heroic, inspiring martyr to rally and recruit soldiers against Praemor’s armies, and even the Sovereignty of Coreilethon looks ill upon the death of one of their most shining stars.

Yirrisa Twiceborn

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