Vonli Urjyr

The cheerful, sadistic dwarven torturer of Praemor


An inquisitor of Draumund, Vonli prefers to use spellcasting to find her enemies and improve her performance in battle, before closing to dispatch enemies with her axe.


Vonli’s birthplace is far to the west, within the mountain halls of Caer Vurin. Her parents were at first delighted with the presence of their daughter, given the fall of dwarven birth rates in recent years. However, they quickly learned that something was not quite right with Vonli, when they spotted her dismembering rats with a cheerful grin on her face.

They turned to the god Draumund for help, trusting their daughter to be trained and, hopefully, corrected by the strict runepriests of the Temple of Draumund. Vonli herself seemed to take to the religious life, and a deep faith grew in her for her deity. Vonli kept the cheerful attitude of a small child, however, and annoyed the dour dwarves of Caer Vurin with her smiles and laughs. That was thought to be the most unusual thing about Vonli, however.

She served her clan as a warrior in the caves and tunnels beneath her home; some thought that maybe she dispatched her enemies with too much glee, and played with them too much before delivering the finishing blow, but no one cared too much. Her victims were only goblins, after all. Then she tracked down a deserter of the tunnel fights, ahead of her comrades, and began torturing him with crazed, sadistic glee.

When confronted by the shocked dwarves, Vonli explained that she was helping him. According to the teachings of Draumund, we grow stronger through suffering; by inflicting such pain, Vonli was making him worthy of Draumund’s halls in the world beyond. Dwarves were unswayed, and the clan leaders of Caer Vurin banished her into the world beyond. Vonli was heartbroken, and made her way as best she could across the Heartlands.

Vonli eventually traveled to Praemor, hoping to put her unique skills to use their. Surprisingly, she was accepted quickly into her role as torturer and executioner; Ossiraekes was greatly entertained by the cheerful sadist. Vonli now loves Praemor as her new home, and is happy to destroy any threat to it.

Vonli Urjyr

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