Vinkal Fireheart

A powerful, boasting mercenary from Rimehelland


Strong and quick, Vinkal fights with supreme confidence, using both his sword and shield as offensive weapons against his enemy.


Vinkal is from the northern island of Rimehelland, claiming to be from the port city of Blackwall, the only city that allows foreigners to visit. Trained as a warrior, Vinkal grew dissatisfied with his peaceful island home, catching a ship to the mainland to work as a mercenary and challenge his skills.

Vinkal is obsessed with glory, and yearns to meet a bard who can tell his story and sing his song, granting him the immortality of fame. He has since joined with agents of Praemor, promising him a role in the war between Praemor and Thartaenor.

Vinkal Fireheart

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