Tiarai Numenori

The ambitious youngest daughter of the Enlightened Monarchy


Born to wealth and privilege, Tiarai has enjoyed every almost every advantage as the daughter of the monarchs of Numen. Tiarai studied from some of the finest sages and ministers the king and queen could find, and she was even fostered with Ulture the Bear, a Swordlord of Arindor.

Ever since she was a child, Tiarai was known for both her cunning and talent for manipulation, but these qualities were only exacerbated after she came into her powers. As a child, during a walk in the woods, she became separated from her parents and was missing for a full week; she returned with only vague memories of exploring the wood, and with the friendship of a young panther she named Jhyra. The two were inseparable, and the familiar was merely the first of her arcane gifts.

However, to Tiarai’s mind, her parents Drehelan and Tiakash always favored her older sister, Drilesca. When Tiarai won every competition she set her mind to, they praised her sister’s talent for making friends. When Tiarai almost single-handedly averted a diplomatic crisis in Arindor, her sister was given awards by their nation’s historic enemies. And most galling of all, Drilesca frittered away her time at some music academy and managed to learn a few cantrips, while Tiarai came into real sorcerous power, mastering true magic, the first of her family to ever be a spell-blooded.

No, Tiarai watched as her sister was groomed for the throne, and taught the preparations necessary for the Nildagor, the Ordeal of the Crown. One day, her parents were so fond of telling her, her older sister would be Queen. And Tiarai would assist her, as a true sister, as a sorcerer, as a diplomat. But her parents, subtly and not so subtly, sought to discourage her from ever attempting the Ordeal.

Tiarai has her own plans, though. She knows her sister is weak, that she’ll cripple the homeland Tiarai loves. That Drilesca is unprepared for the war and chaos that is inevitably coming. Tiarai will become queen.

Tiarai is an unremarkably pretty half elf with long brown hair; she changes hairstyles frequently during the day to suit her mood, using cantrips to effect such changes. She’s never far from her familiar, the panther Jhyra, and favors practical, comfortable garments over ostentatious dresses or the like. Nevertheless, Tiarai always makes certain that her jewelry or other insignia clearly identifies her as a Princess of the Enlightened Monarchy.

Tiarai Numenori

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