Solus Kenn

A thin, severe inquisitor of the Yidrazi


A figure from Hemme’s past, Solus Kenn is a member of the Yidrazi, an order devoted to prolonging life at any cost. A man of intense will, Solus scarcely seems to notice the few maggots that crawl along his face. Despite his slight figure, Solus Kenn possesses a surprising strength, as if his body is fueled only by his will.

Solus Kenn is harsh, stern, and cold as ice, who exploits the fear he creates with calculated precision. He seems singularly devoted to his brotherhood, not caring for the games of politics or wealth. He has many gaps in his memory, a deficiency that frustrates him to no end, and he insists that none of his brotherhood should have awakened yet.

Solus Kenn

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