King Ossiraekes the First

Undying wizard king of Praemor


A very powerful wizard and lich; currently lacking his magic due to a curse.


King Ossiraekes of Praemor was born slightly over two hundred years ago, to the reigning king of Praemor, Praem III. The histories claim that he has the elder of the two brothers born to King Praem that day, beating his twin into the world by a few minutes and claiming his spot as the firstborn and heir to Praemor.

Although Ossiraekes and his brother were both twins, although as children the boys could not be more different. One enjoyed games of arms and hunting, and counted dozens of children of the court as his boyhood friends. The other enjoyed books, study, and solitude. Ossiraekes was a natural prodigy at arcane magic, mastering his first cantrips at the age of ten years of age. His talents were discouraged by his father, especially since the tyranny of the Incanters was still a living memory.

At the age of twenty, Ossiraekes, already a powerful wizard, detected the hints of conspiracy brewing; his father and brother planned to disinherit Ossiraekes and claim the throne for the younger, more popular son. Ossiraekes struck without mercy, murdering both his father and brother and assuming the throne that very night.

Since then, Ossiraekes has reigned as the unquestioned monarch of Praemor. He tends to leave the details of managing his kingdom to competent underlings, but detects any attempt to cheat or betray him. Ossiraekes prefers to spend his time researching and honing his magic, rather than meeting people, and has little tolerance for social graces. Ossiraekes has also done his best to dismantle the power of the nobility of Praemor, centralizing power to himself and his favored servants. In Praemor, nobility means little except for an honorific and wealth.

The greatest threat to Ossiraekes rule occurred twenty years into his reign, when the Glorren Empire called a crusade against the king of Praemor. Rumors had reached the western empire that Ossiraekes had begun experimentation into immortality through undeath, and the followers of Coronar were eager to reassert their power after the fall of the Incanter Society. The Glorren Empire was overconfident, however, and support for their war against Ossiraekes flagged before it even begun. After all, who cared if the king of Praemor was turning himself into an undead monstrosity, if said king had little interest for the events outside his borders?

After a few initial Praemor victories against the crusaders, largely due to the unexpected strength of Ossiraekes’s spells and the force of Praemor’s cavalry. This destroyed any real desire for a prolonged fight against Praemor in Glorren and its allies, and the beaten crusaders withdrew back to their homes.

Without explaining himself, Ossiraekes launched a sudden, unexpected attack into Thartaenor, taking over the capital city of Thartaen’s Triumph after a close personal duel against the Queen Mother, Yirrisa Twiceborn. As a result of this duel, he was cursed, losing his magic and eventually his throne to the coup launched by King Draven.

Although he was slain, his lich’s phylactery was never found or destroyed. It’s surely only a matter of time until the return of the king.

King Ossiraekes the First

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