Lilith Nightfall

Lilith is a witch whose powers result from a dark deal with an archfiend.


LE Human Female Witch 8
Str 8 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 20 Wis 12 Cha 10


Lilith Nightfall possesses an insatiable desire for power. However, her ambition reached beyond her station. Though cunning and determined, Lilith was born a commoner in the west, and she was never fully-accepted by the ruling class. Despite her loyalty and her sacrifices, promises of offices and positions at court were never honored. She seemed destined to never attain the power she craved.

Lilith’s fortunes began to change. She began to rise in rank and title as many began to treat her with newfound respect. Her rivals began to suffer terrible misfortunes or disappear entirely. She was quickly well-known and regarded as a well-connected political figure. However, a knight-errant named Tychon learned that Lilith was magically manipulating several powerful nobles in a plot slowly consolidating power. Tychon confronted Lilith, but the resulting fight ended in a draw, leaving both combatants near death. When those who had been manipulated realized what had happened, they sought to have Lilith punished. She narrowly escaped execution and fled to the east. Ossirakes quickly recognized her abilities and offered her a position of power in his lands in exchange for her loyalty.

Tychon never discovered the source of Lilith’s abilities. In truth, it was an archfiend who granted Lilith her powers. The fiend declined to provide its true identity, instead instructing Lilith to refer to it simply as “Master.” Sometimes the fiend appears to Lilith in the form of various creatures to provide guidance or deliver instructions, but it usually communicates with her through Lilith’s familiar, an imp called Quisbit (whom Lilith has nicknamed “Biscuit”).

Lilith Nightfall

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