Kree Bloodfeather

Kenku Assassin


Nothing is known about the origins of the kenku named Kree Bloodfeather, although the fact is that becoming the greatest assassin in all of Aeheler tends to overwrite all other personal facts. Kree made his first kill a dozen years ago, a grain merchant in Nexus whose business practices unduly angered his competition. Since then, the kenku has assassinated over one hundred merchants, adventurers, nobles, heroes and villains, along with hundreds of other victims who had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He has one restriction on his contracts: he never kills other kenku. Otherwise, Kree is happy to accept money to kill any target. He is a true independent; the Assassin’s Guild of Nexus once targeted Kree for infringing upon their business. There is no longer an Assassin’s Guild of Nexus.

Another rule that Kree follows is that he will typically kill any witnesses to his murders, thus ensuring that whatever skills, techniques, or spells the kenku uses remain a secret. This has led to many wild rumors of the kenku’s abilities, including that he can hear his name whenever it’s spoken, that he can walk through worlds, and that he can kill with a glance.

The kenku drastically changed his behavior almost a year ago, however, abandoning his profession and entering into retirement. Kree no longer answered any requests for contact, and has abandoned or given away the wealth he acquired as a hired killer. Instead of retiring to a gilded palace on his own private island in the Democratic Republic of Maritauma, he roosts on Mount Legendbreaker, living at the edge of a kenku village and finding solace only in cheap liquor.

When approached directly, Kree Bloodfeather is morose and despondent, offering no explanations for his retirement except that assassination is pointless. While not exactly remorseful, Kree has sworn twice that he would never murder again. When a band of seven paladins of the Order of the Red Rose tracked down the feared assassin, intent on bringing him to justice for the hundreds he has killed, they learned that the assassin distinguishes between murder and killing in self defense. None survived the lesson.

Kree Bloodfeather

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