General Sovak

A brutal, rough, and crude general of Praemor


A skilled archer, tactician, and strategist, General Sovak always gets the job done.


General Sovak comes from unknown but assuredly-humble origins, and he made his living as a bandit as a young man, preying on towns and caravans in the mountains of Thartaenor. Until he was caught by a dwarven patrol, and punished harshly. Still, Sovak managed to escape his captors and fled to Praemor, joining the king’s army there. He has a special hatred for dwarves, and prefers to torture captured dwarves to death whenever possible.

Sovak excelled at violence, and took to hunting down the bandits of Praemor with brutal glee. His excellent performance earned him promotions, and he became known as an officer with unmatched success rates in his sorties. He was willing to do anything to achieve victory, although his victories also have much higher casualties than any other leading officer of Praemor’s military. He views grunts with disdain, seeing soldiers as essentially expendable bags of meat. All that matters its the objective. And Sovak, of course, prefers to fight behind walls of meat, trusting in his own bow. He has a great hatred for General Maenach, dismissing him as soft, weak, and far too concerned with the lives of his soldiers.

Sovak was recently promoted to the head of Praemor’s military forces, second in authority only to King Draven himself. He currently works to pacify the conquered Thartaenor.

General Sovak

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