General Daerce Faewilsen

The dashing cavalry officer of Praemor


Daerce Faewilsen is young for his rank, a favored captain in the Praemor Home Army noted for his valor, as well as the loyalty he inspires in his men. He was promoted to his rank after organizing a very successful mutiny against the old, incompetent officers in his army and killing the general. He was awarded his rank by King Draven.

Daerce claims his surname comes from his grandfather venturing into the Wishwood and winning a powerful magic to save the life of his beloved, all due to the whims of the fey. Daerce even claims that his family has inherited some of that magic, blessing them with great luck in all of their ventures. Whether there is any truth to this is unknown, but Daerce’s aggressive and daring tactics have won him victories in the field.

Above all else, Daerce desires glory, and the opportunity to write his name in the histories of his homeland. He also practices the courtly arts, and as a result is quite popular with many ladies of Praem’s Rights. Daerce even seems to have caught the eye of Princess Tiarai (although he is not the only man of Praemor to have done so).

General Daerce Faewilsen

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