Captain Pallin

The vampire head of the Nightmen


Pallin has served King Ossiraekes longer than any other, the head of the secret police organization of Praemor, the Nightmen. Their existence is a secret, known to only a few, but their presence is felt every time a traitor or criminal is ferreted out. Typically, enemies of Ossiraekes disappear, to be tortured and fed to the vampire members of the Nightmen.

Pallin began his journey more than a century ago as a young knight joining the crusade against Ossiraekes, once he completed his own path to undeath. Mass, open battle against a superior opponent was not to Pallin’s liking, and he abandoned his religion, paladinhood, and comrades to desert to the winning side: Praemor.

His betrayal caused the death of many other knights of Praemor, and when asked what reward he preferred by his new king, Pallin knew his answer: immortality. Pallin quickly disappeared from public eye, but Ossiraekes granted the request of the traitor, helping him turn to a vampire. Pallin quickly became Ossiraekes most trusted lieutenant, leading those in the know to suspect that the paranoid Ossiraekes had some ironclad measure of control over the vampire.

Presumably killed during the crowning of King Draven.

Captain Pallin

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