Son of General Maenach, is a trained monk eager to prove himself.


Unknown, uncontrolled capabilities regarding the manipulation of time that cause severe physical stress to Caespar.


Caespar is a young and cocky, eager to show his monastic training. The bastard offspring of the prominent General Maenarch, Caespar’s existence is something of an embarrassment to the general. At the earliest possible opportunity, he was shipped away to the Four Walls of Peerless Serenity, an isolated island monastery. No one knows anything about the identity of Caespar’s mother.

Now, Caespar has returned to Praemor, allying himself with a group of Ossiraeke’s top lieutenants. His goals are to find fortune, power, and glory within his homeland, and seek revenge upon his father. He has mainly achieved these, with the help of the Dark Lords.

During the exploration of Caer Lougan, Caespar was abandoned to die by Akkam Fyrblood, and no trace of him has been found.


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