The vampire spy and member of the Nightmen


With her raven-black hair and pale, alabaster skin, so unusual in Praemor, Akessa looks every inch the vampire she is. In fact, her appearance is largely unchanged from her time as a living woman, and was the reason for her transformation to a vampire. When she was a simple barmaid in Praem’s Right, her exotic good looks caught the eye of Pallin, head of the Nightmen, and he turned her into his own vampire lieutenant.

She formerly served as the second in command of the Nightmen, handling tasks too delicate or dangerous for a mere vampire spawn, but not important enough to merit Pallin’s full attentions. Although she has proven herself to be an excellent spy and infiltrator, she chafes under Pallin’s control and yearns for freedom. Akessa has also proven to be an exceptional manipulator, taking advantage of her tragic past to fool the weak-willed and soft-hearted; in truth, there only exists a ruthless, cunning predator beneath her features.

With the crowning of King Draven, Akessa was promoted to the head of the Nightmen, and has tirelessly worked to replace and strengthen its ranks. She prefers to meet privately with the King, and rarely reveals any of her sources or secrets.

Akessa is also known to be a friend of the Royal Executioner, Vonli.


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